Wang Kaew
Outside Wangkaew

Ko Khi Pla

To the north of the cape is a small off-shore isle, Ko Khi Pla which for some unexplained reasons, can be reached someday by walking as the tide goes down to the extent that a "road" appears. Wat Saranat Thammaram  Located at the entrance to Amphoe Klaeng at Km. 265 on Sukhumvit Highway and built in 1944, has as its principal image a replica of the highly venerated Phra Buddha Chinarat of Phitsanulok. At the four corners of the temple are also-replicas of four major Buddhist monuments, namely, Phra Pathom Chedi, Phra That Phanom, Buddha Gaya and Phra That Chaiya.

Suan Son Pine Park

The Suan Son Pine Park five kilometers from Ban Phe on the beach road, is a popular picnic place, with shady areas, white clean sand and a number of sea-food cateries. Reasonable accommodation is also available. About eleven kilometers further along the beach road is Suan Wang Kaeo, which can also be reached by way of the Sukhumvit Highway at Km. 248. Tastefully landscaped and with several beaches and bays. With entries at Km. 259, 263 and 26A, Laem Mae Phim (cape) is suitable for swimming as waves are not too strong and the sea is clean and clear.

Ban Kon Ao

About 8 Kms. from Ban Phe is Ban Kon Ao , a small fishing village with long beautiful beach. The beach road proceeds on to another beach "Hat Mae Ramphung". Hat Phayun and Hat Phala are located in Amphoe Ban Chang 33 and 36 kms respectively from Rayong town. Both beaches are connected, peaceful and suitable for swimming. The choice of accommodation offered ranges from luxury hotels to economy bungalow complexes.

Ban Phe

Along the Sukhumvit Highway at Km. 231, take a right turn and proceed on for about five kilometers, there is the small hamlet of Ban Phe where local products such as fish sauce, cuttle-fish, dried shrimp and shrimp paste are on sale. Further from Ban Phe to Amphoe Klaeng is the village of Ban Khram, the birthplace of Sunthon Phu . There is a beautiful memorial park at the place where his house was sited.

Laem Charoen

Estuarial beaches at Laem Charoen a couple of kilometers south of the provincial capital of Rayong aren't that great but there are some reasonable seafood restaurants. Better beaches near Ban Phe, a seaside town around 25 kilometers southeast of Rayong. If sun and sand is when you are looking for, head straight for Ban Phe. Then pick out a beach or board a boat bound for Ko Samet.

Khao Laem Ya-Samet lsland

Since October 1, 1981, the Forestry Department has proclaimed the Khao Laem Ya-Samet lsland as a national park, which includes the island Ko Kudi Ko Kruai Ko Kham and Ko Plai Tin. Samet Island offers beautiful beaches with charming white sand and strange-shaped rocks, suitable for relaxation. The climate is always pleasantly cool with abundant rains in August and windy monsoons in May. Accommodations at Ban Phe and on the Samet Island are available.

Ko Man

Ko Man or Man Island Group consists of three islands namely Ko Man Nai, Ko Man Klang and Ko Man Nok, located 5 kms. from Laem Mae Phim. It takes about 30 minutes by boat. The islands are good for its coral reefs. Ko Man Nai is going to be developed into Sea Turtle Preservation Sanctuary and can be visited during the day. Accommodations are available at Ko Man Klang and Ko Man Nok.

Ko Samet

Only about 30 minutes away by boat (6.5 kms. from Ban Phe), is Ko Samet or Ko Kaeo Phitsadan on which Sunthon Phu Thailand's great poet of the early 19th century based the story of Phra Apaimaini once lived.

Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park

Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park is inland about 17 kilometers north of km274 off Highway 3. Though less than 85 sq km, the park is famous for limestone mountains, caves, high cliffs, dense forest, waterfalls and freshwater swimming and fishing. The park service here rent bungalow, long house and tents.